Casa Masaccio Center for Contemporary Art supports the artistic research and the experimentation of new languages. Over the years, Casa Masaccio has gradually transformed its identity, from a municipal gallery into a center for contemporary art, gaining regionally recognition as a significant museum, thanks to its never ending work dedicated to the enhance, dissemination and promotion of knowledge related to the contemporary arts.
Once home of the great artist, today contemporary emergencies are being critically explored in the museum by investigating the most original paths and reaserches through carefully planned exhibitions, conferences, workshops, film reviews and concerts. Over the years the development of many partnerships have allowed Casa Masaccio to host important works and artists and to build synergies and relations, both with the territory and with the realities that produce contemporary culture on a national and international basis.

Casa Masaccio Center for Contemporary Art is an ever-changing space, a feature that has made necessary adding new spaces to support its activities. Palazzo Salviati is the location of the apartments and studios of the artists and curators who take part at Casa Masaccio in residence, a platform of residences dedicated to the mobility of national and international artists and curators, and Casa Giovanni Mannozzi, where the permanent collection and the museum’s educational section is located.



Fausto Forte


Sandra Gambassi

Chief curator

Rita Selvaggio


Samuele Mori

Digital Manager

Elisa Tedesco


Irene Lupi


Jonida Xherri

Technical and logistic

Cooperativa Betadue

Reception and security

Barbara Cavezzuti

Casa Masaccio