Since 2006, Casa Masaccio Center for Contemporary Art experiences and promotes practices of aesthetics, relational and public art with a strong social impact. Hosting a series of experimental workshops dedicated to the production and design of the town of San Giovanni Valdarno and its territory such as: Isole del tesoro,, La città (in)visibile. Vivere insieme nella città diffusa del Valdarno. From these experiences, in 2011 was born Casa Masaccio in residence. A platform of residences dedicated to the mobility of national and international artists and curators. The aim of the project is to turn art into the instrument for understanding the present and its changes, creating a bridge between memory and contemporaneity. Artists and curators at Casa Masaccio in residence have the unique opportunity of living and working in the very historic center of San Giovanni Valdarno, in Palazzo Salviati, where the apartments and studios are located. In close contact with the citizenship and the town’s history they will create works and projects combining the rich artistic and cultural historical background together with the experimentation of new artistic languages.