Casa Masaccio is longest running public institution for contemporary art in Tuscany, and is definitely a unique place on the Italian art scene. It is one of the few houses attributed to a master of the Renaissance (Tommaso Cassai, called Masaccio) that has been sufficiently documented to declare its authenticity.

During the ‘30s Professor Ugo Procacci, from the Soprintendenza of Florence, produced an accurate research prompting the municipal administration to acquire Masaccio’s house and open it after a careful refurbishment in 1978. The first official destination, The “Pinacoteca Comunale”, allocated to host modern and contemporary art heritage accumulated during the Masaccio’s Painting Prize (1958-1968). The award, set up at the end of the 1950s, on the thrust of the cultural fervor encouraged by the reconstruction, was initially focused on contemporary painting, becoming later as a moment of inquiry of the national artistic trends. During the last edition, in 1968, S. Giovanni Valdarno hosted some young and popular artists who will later mark forever the Italian artistic experience.